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You Wont Suffer If You Lose Your Job.

I remember when I was a child I used to watch a TV show called Dallas.  At the time it was a big show and used to love it.  I also used to love that the whole family would gather round and watch. I was always a ‘family man’ even back then.  In my house ‘Dallas’ was a big weekly event.  My favourite things to do was the scream at the top of my lungs “Dallas Is Onnnnnn!” and watch everyone come running.

The show was real glam, a real ‘bling’ affair…very ‘Hollywood’ (as a kid I fell for all that BS!)

And I remember that I used to watch the show and be mesmerised by their lifestyle & their houses. Bobby Ewing, one the main guys had a red Mercedes 500sl cabriolet, I’d say stuff to my parents like “I want one of those cars”.  Or I’d say “I’d like to buy Southfork” (that was their ranch) it was real cool. Now your parents want you to keep your ‘feet on the ground’ so they’d say things like “Son! When you go to university you’ll get a good job, then you can have anything you want”.

Secretly I knew you wouldn’t get those things working for someone.  Up until that point I wanted to be a fireman but after watching Bobby & JR, if I wanted to buy Southfork I’d have to be a business man.

So FAST FORWARD, I believed the hype and went to University.  I did what is called a ‘Sandwich’ degree – that’s when you take one year out of study to work so you had experience when you graduated.

I started my job and I liked it.  I liked the boss, and I liked the people in company. I thought was ‘the business’ I worked in the West-End of London, wore the suits & ties - I thought I was living the dream.

All was going well and I developed a good relationship with my older and ‘wiser’ colleges, however it soon dawned on me that something was amiss and all was not as it seemed. Very quickly I realised the people with whom I was working, didn’t actually like what they we’re doing! I was shocked.  How could this be? 

This really played on my mind. However, there was one guy in the firm who I could relay on for sound advice. He’d put me back on track. He was the big boss business man I aspired to be.  As I said I had a good relationship with everyone at the firm and I used to talk to the big boss regularly. In my eyes this dude had made it. He drove a Porsche. He rode a 1000cc Yamaha racing bike.  He had the big house in the country.  He had the wife and the kids. The rumour was seeing the secretary on the side (wow…everything I’d learnt from Dallas was true – amazing). He had the suits. He had the status.  As far I was concerned he was a cool guy.

Back then I honestly believed money was the only key to happiness.

So one Friday afternoon we sat down and I told him what was on my mind.  I must have caught him on a good day, cause he opened his heart to me.  He laid it on the line and broke it down. I can’t remember his exact words but my boss wasn’t happy.  The reality was he’d spent his life accumulating material wealth but inside he felt empty.  In fact, he was envious of me. Little me! I couldn’t believe my ears. He told me his dream…all he wanted to do was to buy a Harley Davidson and go on a trip around the world. This was a revelation to a 19/20 year old.

Since then I have discovered that majority of people on this planet actually go to a job that they don’t like or even hate. They’d prefer to be doing something else.

Many times I've heard the term, “JOB SECURITY”, and discovered that job security is a lie too because every year there are more jobs cuts than you can imagine, they are down-sizing whole industries. Merges and acquisition of companies is happening everywhere & crisis is going on all over the place. So the only way I can feel secured is to look into starting my own business so when I wake up in the morning look in the mirror and I’m talking to the BOSS.

So I have started considering an e-commerce business, as it is something that I can start from my home without going through the trouble of setting up an office and hiring people & firing people. In my eyes a home based business was perfect.

But I was very sceptical when it came to the online world, like is it true or not?

After researching for many months and working things out, I have discovered that online business and e-commerce is the best business that I could ever start. It’s a vehicle which I can use to start achieving my dreams. So after few baby steps, I started to learn how to make money online, and once I earned my first little bit of profit online it was an amazing feeling, and I was like: “YAAAHOOO, I found it…I cracked the code”. For a while I struggled and suffered but here I am earning real money from the Internet.

So now my question to you is, what if you loose your job tomorrow? I mean seriously, have you thought about it? Many of my friends used to think that they were recession proof, until they lost their jobs.

So think about this logically, what if you lost your job tomorrow, how long would it take you to find another job? What if it takes you 6 months or even 12 months? Who would pay for your monthly expenses? What would happen to your family? They would suffer. But they don't have to if you have a Plan B in place.

So now I hope you make a wise choice and act right NOW! What’s your plan B? If you may have heard about this before, Don’t Miss The Opportunity Again! Ask yourself the question what if it’s true? Your life would change forever.

I may be able to help you.  I can show you strategies that could open your mind to other possibilities. If you want to the definitive guide that will lead you in the right direction fill in your details on my home page ( & I will send you a Free Report that will explain more.

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Comment by Belton Bass on June 13, 2012 at 22:07
Everything is changing, most people see it but a few don't. Once you've read the report you'll see this 'recession' is a massive opportunity, you'll have insider knowledge.

For those few who can't adapt to the change...well who knows what will happen.
Comment by We United on June 13, 2012 at 21:53

In this climate what you have to offer is worth taking a look at. It is true that this recession is an opportunity to realise the reality of our situation and take evasive action while it is still possible to avoid the pitfalls that this state of apathy and a tightening of resources brings.


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