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African/Caribbean accountability in delivering community infrastructure solutions


Every communities children are their most valuable commodity, as the most vulnerable members of the community, they are precious in their nature and as impressionable as a blank page. Is it within any cultures interests to allow others to culturally and educationally imprint their children? After a 12 year basic education, do African/Caribbean children represent cultural assets to the African/Caribbean community at large?


What do we as a people deem to be assets, when we are talking about cultural and economic assets? When we speak as a community this is no longer a subjective question, but one that represents the collective interests that benefit said community. To understand what benefits the entire community at large, one must operate some sort of code.


What codes do African/Caribbean's (or Blacks, or Black British or ethnic minorities or West Indians) operate under? Firstly it wouldn't be a bad idea to actually identify as one brand, since we originate from the same continent. Not to digress into a history of kidnap and oppression that all of understand to various degrees, but it did its job in creating one of the most successful divisions of any people based on a continued "education" (indoctrination) from the same oppressors that created our plight.


So in terms of solutions, we must operate under a universal code, which is the only way to create a scientific continued success. Again subjectively one can say there is no universal code, however Red means stop, Amber means get ready and Green means go. When this  system is observed by vehicles and pedestrians alike, everyone is safe and when one ignores, nobody is safe. When it comes to operating under a code, every community understand they are obligated to observe, uphold and promote their culture.


This practice benefits community cohesion, giving everyone a rightful place and a value of each other. That is how communities effectively operate, from educating their children, through supporting their own development to circulating their earned capital within their own businesses and banks. On observation when we as a people look at that picture, a lot of those components are missing. This is no mistake and by incredibly sophisticated design. The system that we capitulate to is wide reaching and pervasive, it's called white supremacy, which is more than an ideology, because it is a scientific system.


The only way to counter a scientific system is by creating your own and for us that starts with education, an education that must incorporate citizenship, emotional and financial literacy and a recognition  and value for the continent. When we look at solutions being provided by Manhood Academy, I Can, Ultra Kids and the North West London Black Boys Leadership Academy, we see that the citizenship component turns out fully rounded and well adjusted children.


In order to incorporate these kinds of solutions into our children's education, our brightest and best educators must attend round table forums to design universal curriculum to re capture our children, in order for us to set up Free Schools that will prove to be a valuable legacy that produces generations of well adjusted young people to benefit all areas of society and uphold an African/Caribbean socio economic eco system, that they have been taught to govern from their earliest instance.


Transition of the Black Pound are seeking to work with qualified African/Caribbean teachers and organisations to create such round tables in order to produce a holistic educational curriculum for 3-18 year olds. We would also seek to create an educational television network, with educational shows that can be accessed by all students and parents at all levels, to back up their work and be used for projects in school.


We are also seeking to do feasibility studies, again working with experts and existing African/Caribbean organisations to recognise freehold buildings that can be converted into schools. Our role as a not for profit will then be to raise a matrix of finance to purchase buildings and convert them into state of the art schools. Our children deserve our best and our people deserve relief from a system that has never benefitted us as a collective.





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