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There is a story I would like to share. I have entitled it, The Lesson of the Butterfly. (The following story is an adaptation of an email that I read containing an inspirational message by an unknown author). I have retold the story in my own way for you to receive the message. It goes like this…Enjoy the magic in the process! (SMILE).

One day a little girl came across a chrysalis. She noticed as she looked upon this house of wonder, a beautiful butterfly struggling to free itself. As she watched in awe, she could no longer stand by as this tiny, yet fragile creature toiled. Thus, seeing the butterfly labor with such persistence and determination, the little girl decided to help by minimizing its efforts. She then made an incision in the chrysalis just large enough for the butterfly to break free, rescuing it from the obvious pain and exertion of coming forth.

At last, this fragile life germ was free! The little girl was so proud of her good deed that she ran home to show her mother the butterfly. She burst into the front door yelling, “Ummu, Mudarrissa!” Her mother, came out to see what the commotion was all about. “Yes Nashida,” she said, noticing the child’s excitement. “I set a butterfly free, I set a butterfly free!” The little girl exclaimed. Her mother examined the butterfly carefully. She noticed that its wings were withered, and this poor living thing was unable to fly.

The little girl in her enthusiasm had not observed the condition of the butterfly. Watching her mother intently, she followed her to the front porch, sat on the step in bewilderment and wondered what she had done. The little girl’s mother, responding to her child’s expression, pulled her close, and sat the butterfly gently on a leaf. “Nashida,” she said. “Do you see this beautifully-colored creature?” “Yes, Mudarrissa.” The child responded in hopeful anticipation. “Well,” said the mother. “This butterfly is a very special creature, indeed. Yet it is not born a butterfly. Initially, it starts out as a caterpillar, and through a most fascinating process, over time, in obscurity and hidden from view, the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful work of art – we call butterfly. And this exquisite living thing, as it flies, has extraordinary power and strength. It even has an intuitive nature to sense an impending storm.”

“Wow!” Said the young girl. “But Mudarrissa, why won’t this butterfly fly?” She asked. “You see, Nashida,” the mother said. “As a butterfly pushes itself through the tiny opening of the chrysalis, fluid is pushed from its distended body to its wings, making it possible to fly.”  “Tell me more, Ummu, Mudarrissa.” The little girl said with a great deal of eagerness. “If this process of struggle does not happen, the fluid becomes trapped in the body, making it too heavy; and the wings would be deprived of fluid necessary for strength and balance to be able to support and lift the weight of the body.”

The mother continued. “And although this little butterfly that you have befriended appeared to be working very hard to break free, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to fly. This struggle prepares the butterfly for its journey in life, and my child, so it is with us.”

Now, this is the end of the story, but it is not the end of my messge to you.

Beloved, we too are like this amazing lesson of nature from the butterfly. Our beginnings may seem small and appear insignificant, yet as we surrender to the Creator, and submit to a transformation process, we become a new human being. However, without the unyielding exertion to face and overcome difficulty and struggles in life, we remain paralyzed, not being able to experience the joy of flight. Struggle is ordained. While the Creator desires ease for us, it is through our toiling that we achieve excellence if we stay the course. Struggle produces the spirit of humility, and humility is the launching pad for success. The greatest rewards come after we have worked very hard, and exerted great effort to achieve our goals.

A mother witnesses the gift of life after she labors to bring forth her child. The farmer enjoys a plenteous harvest after he diligently tills his land. And yes, the butterfly enjoys the sweet, sweet nectar as it flies from plant to plant carrying pollen, after it frees itself from the chrysalis. As human beings, our struggles are the obstacles presented, to help strengthen and prepare us for our purpose in life. We become new creatures when we overcome difficulty and stay the course. A wonderfully wise man said that our desire to reach a goal, must be greater than the struggle it will take to get there. What a profound statement.

Like the caterpillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly, we too undergo a complete change in form, structure, and function as we go through our own re-birth process. This takes much effort. In order to take flight, and transform into our greatness, we must be willing to face and overcome difficulty. Like the butterfly, our brilliance, which is cultivated out of the vicissitudes of life, becomes a magnificent reflection and expression of God. As we commit to becoming our personal best, we are introduced to a new reality, a new idea and most of all – a Wonderfully, Magnificent new person! Life and Purpose Coaching is a process of helping you to discover YOU and your fullest potential regardless of the endeavor that you are embarking upon. This process is magical and through it YOU will began to work miracles in your own life and the life of others. 

The seed of a new idea must be placed in the right environment, watered, provided sunlight, given love and nurtured with a great amount care and concern, otherwise it will not take root. Set yourself in the place of supreme happiness today. Discover YOU! Accept Yourself! Be the truly phenomenal person that you are – YOU!

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