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Why a Streets University?

The urban landscape in America offers few, if any true economic opportunities presently to counteract the scourge of youth crime, particularly those that involve drug sales, Black-on-Black homicide and more violent person crimes of robbery and home invasions. Most businesses in these urban neighborhoods are either small sole proprietorship’s or family partnerships.  Therefore they cannot afford to hire additional staff in many cases. There must be a vehicle created that provides American youth of African descent with alternatives that gives them the same freedom to work when they please, earn not just minimum wage, but a wage directly related to the amount of work they put in. Streets University provides such an opportunity.

The basis of Streets University is to provide enterprising Black youth 12-17, and others from disadvantaged neighborhoods with a legitimate means to making money in a market economy. Our intent is to provide our students with an understanding of intermediate business concepts, target markets, salesmanship; while providing them an opportunity to earn some money and learn about wealth-building through saving and investment. Another focus is to teaching youth about commissioned, residual and leveraged income. While working the field, we will help youth involved to meet individual business owners and professionals that can help us provide even more encouragement to continue their aspirations of reaching their individual goals and endeavors.

Our business marketing efforts entail Internet promotion and marketing through a series of online business directories and social networks. As such, we provide an immediate money making mechanism for youth involved via online business listing sales and other products we have, will produce or provided by partner businesses.  With this program, every young person has a choice on if they want to become self-sufficient or stay in the condition they are at?

This opportunity gives youth that are ‘go-getters’ some freedom to work when they please, earn not just minimum wage, but an income directly related to the amount of work they are willing to put in. The Streets University Income Opportunity Program provides such an opportunity.


Annual Listing Fee For: = $80.00

Small Business / Nonprofit (fundraising opportunity available for nonprofit partners)

FREE Listing - Must be committed to meeting with youth reps and purchasing products or services from those involved with Streets University.  (i.e. calendars, greeting cards, t-shirts, chance drawing tickets, etc… )

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Youth Reps are  ”Independent Contractors” and earn up to 50% commission for their diligent work and effort to building our online directory. Youth and their parent(s)/guardian are also encouraged and assisted in setting up and maintaining a 529 education investment program and ti inquire and participate in the programs or activities provided by our nonprofit partners.

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