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There is nothing worse than reaching the end of your life and wondering what could have happened, or should have happened, but somehow did not happen. Thats the tradegy that some of us are facing and dealing with in our daily lives and this is the reality of it all...'You can only correct what you are willing to confront'

The new year is here and we are now in 2009 so many resolutions and what what...the do-s and donts, pages of things that we want from things that we actually need and very soon the jubilations and drinking will seemer and then reality will set in,some of us has already spend money that we dont have and our cell phones are buzzing with sms of credits cards being swiped here and there but the fact is instead of being alive to the possibilities of the future,the pursuit of the dreams planted in your heart,you have resigned yourself to the existence without dreams, a parched desert place where dreams does not grow.I am not sayung you should not party and have fun, but do it within your means and budget cos that what I called responsible....

You can put all that you have been through in 2008 as wind beneath your wings...Common people its time to fly! Its time to shine in 2009.

You deserve to love and be loved and to face the fears and disappointments thats haunts you in 2008 and move on without them in 2009.... Its hard to let go but like the saying goes '' this too will pass''...

Its time to love boldy and passionately,to bring romance into your life, to hope again for a good person in your life that will love,respect and treat you right....Change the vibes that ozzes out of your body to the right ones and things will happen as you had desired them to be. Please ladies if a guy does not respect you and treat you right,spoil you and make you a priority, please do me a favour show him the door,boot him out before he abuses you and dont stand for abuse of any sort whatever... those days are gone....

Stagnation is the danger of traditional thinking.The wisdom of our elders could have been great for the times when we heard them. But a progressive and continual reassessment will avoid the pitfall of 2008 into 2009 by applying an antiquated ideology that causes to expend effort but doesnt get desired result..

First step in taking inventory of your life is ''TO BE REAL WITH YOURSELF'' about who you are and what you really want out of life and in 2009. Its much easier to fight if you know you who are and what you are fighting for.

The distance between what you dream of and what you see is achievable if only you will choose your battles in 2009 then the sky is your limit and beyound.Also you must understand that positioning requires understanding where you are and measuring it against where you are going.

Regrets comes to those of us who saw opportunity but lacked the power, the will and the intestinal fortitude to go beyound voyeurism to the next stage of action....Take every opportunity that knocks on your door step in 2009 no matter what the outcome may be you have learn something of value for your journey in life than not doing anything at all..cos that knowledge is yours forever no man can take that away from you...

Inspiration often is a catalyst for action...So whatever inspires you in life should be your driving force for 2009 to live life beyond can be anything.

In conclusion money is only a measure of how comfortable our surroundings are,it is not truly the expression of personal contentment and self realization... So this is suffice to say progress apart from purpose is arrogance....all I am trying to say is that you can be a financial giant and an intellectual dwarf,emotionally bankrupt and void of ethusiasim,you can be rich and be miserable..

Life is a cycle and we all need ways to get back and re-create ourselves,re-invent our lives again to our terms and conditions...and live life to the fullest..

I hope this has inspires you to live life to the fullest and shine in 2009...

Nothing is stopping you now and the sky is in your hands to fly and live your life to the fullest beyound limits...I have made my choice which is life without limits so what's yours....I hope that you find it soon and start living your dream....

Happy New Year....Hope ya'all have a slamming 2009....See you guys at the finish line....cos the human rat race has started....
welcome to my world,2009...

Jah Bless and One Love...

Dante... ''DeSpartan Mind''

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