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How many Melinated Black people actually want the autonomy from the white system that they profess?

How many Melinated Black people actually want the autonomy from the white system that they profess?

How many know what it really takes to cut that umbilical cord and be all by yourself?

Who knows what it is like to be totally self reliant economically and have dependents with no guarantee of payment at the end of the month.

Well that's what it takes to be free, I know this because I walk my talk and have done consistently for the last 17 years with a few employment breaks when a business went down between 1993 and 2000.

What skills and social talents would you need to develop as an individual, never mind as a people to separate from the white supremacist infrastructure that you complain of, but heavily rely upon.

I'll give you a clue what you'd be giving up. For instance, I have no doctor, no dentist, I haven't taken a prescription drug since the year 2000 and I home school my son.

I have no boss to fire me and no boss to pay me a guaranteed income at the end of every month, I receive no social security benefits and no business incentives from the government.

I have no personal or business loans from any banking institute or credit card, I only own debit card, which I fill courtesy of my business.

I am alone.

I rely on me to pay rent, pay for my son's life, enable my family every now and again and my own problem solving skills harnessed over 24 years of having businesses to keep it all together.

I don't expect anyone to read this, we have developed short attention spans and bicker over other people and groups interests rather than investing in our own solutions.

We continually speak about the white racist systemic infrastructure that keeps our talents economically dormant and then put our buckets under the white man's tap and ask him to fill it.

How much respect should he have for us as a collective, when we bleat about wanting autonomy and come back to the plantation every Monday.

From white teacher, to white bosses in white institutions and white bankers, where are you expecting your social and economic self determination to come from?

I ask because I have been on FB for a year as a mapping exercise to see who I could ally with to apply the solutions that I apply to my life with a collective army of proactive African/Caribbean independent thinkers and doers.

I have met many amazing people, through IM chatter and face to face, who have given me great hope and insight that what I have envisaged can be possible with a talented 10%.

I have also come across those most pius liberal voices, distracting us like agents to support other people's causes, include then in our struggles and ultimately carry their water.

We have historically had these voices from those not qualified to lead or indepently govern their own day to day lives. From FB adminis (self censoring) with plantation titles, when neither of which have any power in the real world.

We need to break the illusion of the matrix and realise that to acquire the kind of independence everyone give lip service to will require a little sacrifice, because if we don't, I assure you we will slip further down the socio economic scale.

As a people we are at risk of financially and socially falling behind migrant groups who have not even landed to establish themselves yet, because we don't control and of our own resources or infrastructure.

What plans do you have for your children to avoid the pitfalls that have trapped you in this system?

What new skills are you learning and 'applying' to your life, or are you just reading self improvement books?

Who do you surround yourself with and how dependent on the system are they?

Questions, questions, questions, how many answers do you really have?


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