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There is a stigma going around that suggests the book reading industry is fading…

TamaRe House Associates and TamaRe House Publishers Ltd are established for the purpose of engaging in a multiple of educational and business development projects that serve the cultural preservation of local communities. Our aim is to help local people to maximize their potential through our youth and community development projects, self-empowerment workshops and edutainment.

To address the challenges within the book industry, we have set up a series of events: TamaRe House Book writers’ Exhibition. The first of these events is intended to be held at LCC (London College of Communication) Elephant & Castle, Thursday 28th May 2009. The intention here is to provide a forum for Authors across Europe, but particularly of the UK, to have a platform for exhibiting themselves and their books. This, we believe, is a good forerunner leading up to the Word Power Book Fair in October, 2009. The events may also include talks, seminars, and an introduction to writing and publishing seminar.

We are also open to other suggestions from you.

Stay tuned for further updates...

We intend to feature Authors such as:

- Paul Simons (Urban Cries)
- Rasheed Ogunlaru (The Gift of Inner Success)
- Ken Barnes (The iFactor)
- Maurisha Skyers (She who feels Knows)
- Swiss, So-Solid (Spot the Difference)
- BJ Gilwards (Again We'll Rise)
- Hellen Adom (Nubian Minds)
- Von Mozar (Little Jamaica)
- Paul Ifayomi Grant (Saving our Sons)
- David Simon (How to unlock your child's genius)
- Ras Jahlisha I Israel (Spearhead of the Nazarites)
- Beverley Pryce (The Black Race)
- Michelle H Grant (Embracing My Path)
- Gradle Gardner Martin (Inducing Wellbeing In The Workplace)
- Pablo M Imani (Afrikan Yoga)
- David Eboh (Strategic Concept for Managing Healthcare in Nigeria)
- Ras Kwende Anbessa-Ebanks (Rastafari Livity: A Basic Information Text)
- Debbii McKoy

and more...

Plus, a talk from Special Guest Speaker, Leading Lifecoach:
Rasheed Ogunlaru.

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