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Balance of Self: A Woman’s True Housework

My friend Lisa and I share this interest. She has given me permission to share this with you.

Part 1 of 3.
Balance of Self: A Woman’s True Housework
LB Lacey, MA.

What is balance of self? What is "self"? Self is all aspects of your identity that make you who and what you are. You are Body...yet more than that. You are Mind...yet more than that. You are also Spirit and more than that as well. What is more is that you are greater than the sum of all your parts: a well-known holistic adage. Our Creator has created you as a whole complete entity with parts that come together into a dynamic being that is infinity more than all those parts would seem to equal alone or combined. This is the miracle of being. This is who you are, Woman. As wonderful as that may all sound at first glance it requires something of you to realize the full potential of who and what you are.
You must achieve balance in all of those areas in order to function optimally in this world.

Women are powerful beings. We dwell in power filled houses. By understanding how your power functions and why you have been granted such power, you will learn how to use your energy centers in a balanced and meaningful way. Active awareness of how you are designed helps foster a true sense of Purpose for you in the world. The chakra system is one of the many ways that the Creator has endowed us with power. The chakras are vortices of energy representing dynamic power centers within every woman's being. By balancing the energies of the chakras a woman can enhance her health and live more fully in the world.

The word "chakra" is a Sanskrit word that means, circular power. The energy of chakras can be accessed to manifest healing, a sense of well-being and spiritual growth. Chakras are quite simply a mechanism through which the Creator has hot-wired us to be conduits of great power and reconnection with our Source. Balancing our chakras is akin to checking the wiring of our houses. All energy must flow properly for the whole house to function.

Chakras are life force., defines chakras as, energy transducers in the aura that serve to integrate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual facets of the human into a coherent whole.

Diana & Lisa.
www.Inner Healing Meditation .com

Coming next part 2 of 3

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