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10/10 Summit - London Youth Conference - Saturday 31st January 2009 at the Marriott Hotel, Park Lane, London W1

What an honour to be invited as a guest speaker at the 1st 10/10 Summit, organised by Samuel Jonathan, the Chief Executive of the London Youth Corporation. On Saturday 31st January, at the Park Lane Marriott Hotel, around 150 young people gathered for this inspirational and motivational event.

I had spoken with Samuel earlier in the week to discuss which of the three core subjects: Character, Commitment and Discipline, I would like to present. I chose Commitment because I wanted to discover how I had coped with this theme in my life and to share my experience.

I was a little nervous initially but I soon got into my flow and centred on three components of Commitment: Passion, the Big Why, and the power and importance of personal commitment. I wanted to convey to the audience that an excellent internal relationship coupled with determination, motivation, dedication in the shape of Passion and a driving reason in the shape of the Big Why, are necessary requirements when committing to a particular course.

As an interactive session, I invited contributions from the floor. Participants shared their ideas, suggesting hard work, thinking outside the box, staying power - to name a few - were also vital ingredients for strong commitment. Two aspiring politicians and a poet/musician each spoke of their commitment to making a difference in the community through their chosen field.

My presentation followed the young charismatic Nathan John, tipped by the Voice Newspaper as one to watch for 2009. He delivered a dynamic discussion about Character; what it means, the qualities present in a good character and the importance of setting goals. I was in awe of this young man who I had not met before, as he spoke of his marriage, his dedication to making a difference and the astounding success he has already achieved.

I felt humbled at the response from the audience, many of whom approached me at the end of the event to say how inspired they were. I met, to name a few: Miles, a web designer, Tia, studying for her GCSEs, Cassandra, studying for her A Levels, Dami, former youth mayor, Esana, editor of her own magazine, Justyn a member of the Brit School and Suzanne, studying Bio-engineering. All spoke of their plans for the future, as young people with big ambitions. I wish them all success in the future.

At the end, Samuel presented all of the speakers with awards; a modest gesture in the light of all he achieved. It was completely unexpected and overwhelming, and I was touched that he took the time to show his appreciation.

Finally, I’d like to thank Samuel and Paulette West for giving me the opportunity to be heard. I am sincerely grateful.

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Comment by Paulette West MBE BUC Ambassador on February 3, 2009 at 16:59
Firstly, I would like to thank you for accepting the invitation to speak at Samuels event. I knew you would be an inspiration to others and secondly, I also knew that you would have received just as much back spiritually and emotionally at that event. Sometimes when we give freely, we get back twice as much in return, even if we are not looking for it.
I knew Nathan would be a huge inspiration also, as he spoke at The Black Boys in Business Event and really engaged with the audience and had a huge impact on them.
As for Samuel, what a man with a huge heart and passion for helping young people.
A personal thank you to all 3 of you for making a positive contribution and difference in the community.

PS - Claudia, previously from the ACLC Counselling services wanted to speak to you about the event to see how it went. She is one of the members on this site, so you may want to contact her.

Speak soon and once again many thanks.




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