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Black History Month & The Living Energy Universe

Every year during the month of October in the UK, Black History Month is celebrated in memory of the fine achievements and struggles black people have made and been through. There is still debate questioning why should black people have their own history month and other cultures and people don't? Well, All I shall say on that subject is that until black history is included as part of standard American, Canadian, and British History (especially in educational institutions), we shall forever have… Continue

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Atomic Japan

Atomic Japan

(Live Poetry), By Barry Crisp

Stop your fearing, and gaijin animosity

It’s time to release yourself, and become one with reality


Walk, talk, bow like a robot man

this here place, is our last Babylon,

Look pon da TV, and what you see?

fashion - fast food - lies, nothing but comedy,

What dem a teach these yute today

land of the rising sun is in dismay,

Long time dem forget their… Continue

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successful relationships lead to a fulfilling life

Now that the children have gone back to school and conversations have returned to playground gossip, exams, homework and peer pressure our focus moves towards education of the younger generation. We tend to think of the word ‘education’ in line with our school days, the days when anyone with a good memory and ability to repeat everything a teacher had told them did really well at school and was expected to become a successful adult.

Now with no one to tell us how to think and no… Continue

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