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April 2009 Blog Posts (14)

Identity crisis

It is unsurprising that millions of people seem to be going through an identity crisis at the moment. Individuals, industries and even whole nation states seem to be affected by this dilemma.

It is unsurprising that you will have an identity crisis if you never stop to ask 'Who am I?' Even when we do this we rarely search more than skin deep; colour gender and background. There are times where where you have come from will not tell you where you are going or even where it is you… Continue

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Become who you are

People sometimes ask me about the tagline on my website 'Become who you are'.

Becoming who you are is a paradox for you are already who you are. The becoming happens in the realization of what you are not. It happens in the letting go of all that you think that you should be and even all the thinking of what you are.

Who is it that you speak of when you speak of yourself?. You are not your job - that is temporary. You are not your name; you did not choose it. Are you your… Continue

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Sooner or later...

Sooner or later you will hear what your heart has always been telling you; stop trying to be who it is that you think you should be... become who you are.

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A bad time for business?!

The last 12 months or so the press has been rife with bad news (now there’s a suprise) about the state of the economy. So the question on many people’s lips is ‘Is this a bad time for me to start a business or to be running a small business at all?”

Well the first thing to note is that the very nature of business - and indeed life - is up and down. There will be rich harvests and poor ones. So business never was or will be for those who seek certainty. And as we all know there are… Continue

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End the Violence against African Communities

Greetings, all. Friday was a Day of Blogging for Justice against the use of tasers. Black men, women and children have been killed by tasers.

The only way to end violence is through nonviolence.

To read more, see

To read more, see Ending the Violence and A Creative… Continue

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Are Independent filmmakers getting a raw deal?

Having worked with and promoted a couple Film Festivals, I have a question for filmmakers?

What is the goal?

Often, filmmakers approach me and say, 'I cannot get people to buy my film?' or 'I have made my film, what next?'

I am trying to understand in greater depth the full picture of what filmmakers are trying to achieve. Is it money? Is it fame? Is it to tell a story?

I am seeking individual filmmakers who have made or are about to make films. I… Continue

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60 Second Interview: Relationships and communication -Valentines Day – with Victor Granville ‘The Conflict Coach’

How do people get what they want from their relationships?

That’s a huge question one with which the answer I could have a book written. But I would say this as a key principle. Everyone has a set of values and needs and within that value system there is a hierarchy of importance or priority. If you can communicate what’s important to you in terms of what is important to them then you have a two way relationship where both parties get what they want. It is learning the art and… Continue

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Many times we seek or secretly wish for an easy road the path with the least amount of stress or obstacle. What I am saying is that we should look at problems as gifts an opportunity for personal growth. With every problem comes its solution and with every solution comes a new sphere of influence new responsibility and new awareness of self. Without problems to come and stretch us and dare us to grow we remain juvenile. It is at the border of support and challenge where maximum growth takes… Continue

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"As a man thinketh so is he"

What is thinking?- Thinking Could be defined as the process of asking ourselves a series of questions and receiving our answers, this could also be described as our thought life. The quality of our lives is based upon the quality of the questions we ask. If we ask wise questions then we have wisdom. Wise questions are anything that equilibrates the mind and balances perceptions the connection then to our life experience is simply this: If our innermost… Continue

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Forget role models!

Has the country has gone role model mad?

We've been duped into believing that somehow we have a lack of them - not true there are thousands of inspiring ORDINARY people all over the country but thank goodness they have no need of such a title

What's more I, for one, have no interest in being a role model. I would be insulting every teenager and adult I met if I were to pretend to be one.

Why?: Because there 's one thing better than to aspire to be… Continue

Added by Rasheed Ogunlaru on April 8, 2009 at 16:30 — 3 Comments

The Gift of Inner Success

Wherever you look people are speaking about success. Invariably they speak about achieving this and that: qualifications, examinations, possessions, posts, status ... on and on the list goes. Amost always the list is about achieving external things.

Until you realise that success and happiness both spring from within your life will be hollow. It is precisely because we are mislead from childhood to believe that external success leads to inner happiness that stress, conflict, low… Continue

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10 effective strategies to super empower your communication – Maybe for a Boardroom meeting a group discussion or just for self confidence you may find these tips useful.

To be an effective speaker or communicator relies on your ability to become consciously aware of that which you do well and maximising on that strength. It may also require you to build in new skills into your awareness so that you have greater range and breadth in your delivery. When talking to either the one or the many I have found that by incorporating these tips into your arsenal of communication tools, will super enhance your effectiveness as a speaker.

1. What you…

Added by Victor Granville on April 8, 2009 at 10:17 — 2 Comments

Calling all Fashion retailers

Are you a high street fashion retailer?

Does your window display need a makeover?

Well we at RedBorder have a very unique opportuinty for you!
For more information please contact me at or send a message via BUC.
Alternatively if you know of anyone that has a retail outlet and would benefit from a makeover
feel free to pass this information onto them.

Best Regards
Deborah Millington

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Emerging Leaders at the pre G20 Summit event

Nine Emerging Leaders were among the group invited to attend a debate at St Paul's Institute on Tuesday 31 March, where Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP and Hon Kevin Rudd MP - the Australian prime minister, outlined the enduring values they believe must underpin the new world order following this week's G20 summit in London.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had this to say, "...this most modern of crises, the first financial crisis of the… Continue

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