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Comment by Dean Okai on April 30, 2017 at 22:14


Socio Economic Reform through African/Caribbean Exceptionalism

The Solution Room is dedicated to socio economic reform through African/Caribbean exceptionalism. We are a base of operation designed to culminate the experience, strategies and resources of existing African/Caribbean lead organisations and those of the private sector that are our brightest and best.


The mandate of the Solution Room is to share intelligence, by meeting and communicating frequently with all those engaged in activity to benefit the African/Caribbean community at large. Our aim is to cross pollinate the energies of all of the above in order to become delivery partners to execute infrastructure projects for African/Caribbean self determination.

When we come together, we eliminate our frustrations of individually working in isolation and we eliminate skills gaps that stifle projects from coming to fruition. By enabling communication between all African/Caribbean lead organisations and the solution and management skills of the private sector, we envisage very quickly a scenario where African/Caribbean's will no longer be dependent on hand outs from central government to make things happen for the wider community in the UK.


One of the active programmes will be to build national databases by sector of industry, of African/Caribbean professionals, so that we create a mapping exercise of expertise in order to delegate and fill roles for the projects we roll out. By doing this after we have created a case study of an initial project, we will have the ability to execute a national roll out.


The Solution Room will have a full time staff to collect databases and collate intelligence on the African/Caribbean community that benefits us.  This will enable us to project manage a vast number of delivery partners from various organisations and sectors and ultimately deliver outcomes, such as Free Schools (that are tied together by a digital education network that provides shows from nursery to university), Chambers of Commerce (that include incubation units for emerging businesses) and Community centres (where we can hold meetings, enable our youth and hold cultural celebrations).


Our desire is to eliminate our differences by working on our commonality as African/Caribbean's within the UK and then wider by doing the same with Transatlantic partners. This starts with economics, that has been termed 'Black' up until now and thus far and has been determined and undermined by others. The formation of the Solution Room will eliminate outside forces ability to stifle and hinder us, because collectively we are taking up the reigns by creating, building and maintaining African/Caribbean institutions.


Dean Okai Snr



iDIRECTORY 2017-18




Black Links Global and United Kingdom is managed and administrated by the BUC Team who are BUC members. The free Directory will be distributed across the UK annually. Nevertheless, the organisation  will be stepping up their game by offering  i-themed Magazines with sector related directory listings, raising public awareness with corporate and government involvement.and growing the directory across other countries.

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