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Driving Social Change - Bringing Success to the Heart of the Community Anansi Village Commercial Property Portfolio Trust is an entity being set up to represent ownership in institutional properties to house our institutions and advance African/Caribbean socio economic advancement.

Our vision is being realised by a like minded community of professionals, who desire to create a higher level of living standard for African/Caribbean men, women and children across the UK.

Our aim is to raise capital from African/Caribbean businesses and high net worth individual donations, for the purposes of purchasing commercial freeholds (to convert into schools, chambers of commerce and community/conference centres).

Those 3 buildings, strategically placed in order to collectively house and manage our community economics, education and community cohesion.

This will bring about the unity in community that we have sought for millennia. Many have worked hard to keep African/Caribbeans disorganised and dependent on them, which has kept us in a position where we have just enough.

The first order of self determination is organising our finances, education and cultural practices. The positive and consistent observation of our own cultural practices will enable us to rely on eachother in a way that benefitted the Windrush generation, who built the United Kingdom after the second world war.

We can be contacted for details by potential Investors in Community, who can offset donations against corporation tax.

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