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Frequently i get prospected by a chinese person with the words "DBD" "DBD" 4 for £10 and enticed by the sizzle of chicken chow mein or hong kong fried rice.

In the main marketplace if i seek to buy a bargain it always end up being made in china

Should we resent these things or learn from them....?

In 7 years of trading i have engaged with chinese buyers twice and both transactions were less than £5,000 jointly. Compared to my frequenting these establishments this is a terrible trade deficit.

I shudder at how many times i've "invested" in a nice meal at a chinese restaurant..... does any one know the secret of this chinese success and how it can be transferred or adapted by the black business community?

Can we count 5-10 things that we can identify that this business community do and we as a black business community can implement, i have my listening cap on


Sam a black business owner

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