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Hi Radio DJs and Broadcasters

To all UK Radio DJs and Broadcasters

Welcome to UK Radio DJs & Broadcasters (UKRDJ&B) Association 


Join  UK Radio DJs & Broadcasters Association and be a part of an association that can represent you. All members can get FREE membership.

The association exists to represent your best interests and provide you with a service. We are an association made up of its members who also share what they know and do with each other. Because of our friends and resources within Building United Communities we have been able to negotiate special benefits for you. These benefits include your own advertising, promotion, revenue and profits from doing what you do anyway, and either free or at no upfront cost to you. 

Special Benefits to Members include:

Get revenue and profits from Media United Advertising Agency (MU) at NO upfront cost.

Check MU out by clicking

When you chose to get your account you will receive a welcome email. Check your spam or junk to find this. Login to your account and update your profile and create items to sell i.e. MENTIONS or Sponsorship packages, we can help you to do this. Next stage is to earn from by letting your audience know about your mentions and sponsorships items.

Your MU account requires your Profile Page uploaded to your account, this is for customers to see.  For your show description all you need to do is to add the name of your radio station, the day and time your show and your music genres.

Call Divinity on 07541 676502 with your Profile Page to find out more.

Joining Media United means you get paid whilst being on air.

We also have some more great ideas for you and your listeners.  


Ø  Black Links Promotions  has competitions. Choose or receive which competitions you would like your audience to participate in. The winning prizes include Caribbean cruises, computers and even cash. These prizes are the giveaways, special offers and discounts from the tens of 1000’s of business owners and promoters that exist on Black Links and its global presence. The rules to win are displayed with the prizes.

Ø  Most DJ/ Presenters love what they do and some receive little or no financial reward.MU and partner Black Links customers need advertising, promotion and marketing and you can receive revenue to support your  business needs. List your business on Black Links and get more benefits.


Ø  Join Building United Communities (BUC) and get access to the celebrities and personalities that exists among the members with the opportunity to interview them on your show.


Forthcoming Member Benefits include:

Discount on your DJ equipment insurance

Motor cover for members who may also use their vehicles in relation to their DJ activities.

Public Liability Insurance is underwritten by a consortium of insurers and it is worldwide too!

Get a  professional web designer and with a discount too!

Extra client enquiries and the opportunity to sign up with the leading agency Media United via our association

More to come......

Divinity and Stamina


Profile Page ( copy, complete and send to with tel no)

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