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Hi all
I'd just like to know why the BME Business community are reluctant to train/take on a youngster. The statistics show that almost 900,000 youngsters between 16 and 24 are not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).
Now, how much of the 900,000 do you think are from the BME community? Can anyone clarify the figures. Judging by Media reports and parents compalints, I feel that this figure is high! I believe that the BME community could be doing more to rectify this situation. How many people are in Business within this forum? How many are recruiting young people to train and give a little remuneration for works done?
Well the children are our future and the future is looking pretty bleak for alot of them. More so now that there is a recession. I can here some of you saying " i can barely manage myself". I believe we have to create something for our own people and it is not enough to leave it to "aid" from our goverrnment. We have to start learning them how to trade and this can be done collectively through the BME community.
And it can start right here and now. Lets all give a little to our youngsters by providing them with our skills and knowledge and abilities. too often the BME community has left it to others and then complain when they are standing on the street corners.
The Biblical saying goes " It is easier to go through the eye of a needle than to enter the Kingdom of God" Well the yougster must believe it is nigh on immpossible to get help from a fellow "Black"
" We survived Slavery because we held onto one another. The moment we found independence, we began to commit suicide" which means we needed each other when we were getting beats, now the beats stopped we no longer stand in unity. WHY?

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Hi Joanne;

I do agree with your sentiments. I have a fairly new Employment Support Business that has been operating for less than a year. I have always applied the services of young people where I can, particularly where it concerns IT.

I am in the process of re-branding. As part of this process I am looking at ways to incorporate an Apprentice structure into my business on a rolling basis.

As well as providing opportunities for young people we need to encourage the young people to take a positive attitude to the opportunities offered. There is a need for young people to recognize a learning and development experience for what it is. As my children would say to me, "Keep it Real". These experiences are not all about knowing nothing and getting paid a lot. Sometimes we have to step sideways to step up.

May I suggest that we all take steps to provide a structured work experience with defined work activities and set goals. Incorporating remuneration and recognition for achievements we can begin to move things forward.

I would be interested in forming a steering group to develop this further.

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards

Hi Joane,

I like what you are trying to establish. I'm a 21year old aspiring entrepreneur, and i find that my stumbling block lies in lacking mentorship. I'm glad God allowed me to be able to discover my purpose, skills and talent from a young age, a lot of young people like myself have done as well, but the reason they fall is not because they aren't great or they lack the potential and skills...but the big reason is they lack MENTORSHIP. Growing up i had my mother as my life and spiritual mentor, she is experienced in the walk of life and her spiritual walk with God, but she can't teach me business ethics that's not her major. Lack of mentorship the reason why the young people have bought into instuitionalised poverty because their immediate mentorship to their short term or long term financial solutions is either from lenders (banks) or crime or any short term financial solutions that are unable to sustain them for the future.

I'd love to be part of your idea Joanne, as i believe the best way to learn about your aspiration is to shadow someone who was there before you, and accomplished a whole lot more than you. People can be taught business, but if the theoretical teachings are not converted into practical experience, then how can skills be developed?



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